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We're a startup with a practical vision: building community and making a profit. We are preparing to take the alpha release of our community social media to the next stage. There's been lots of development work to take us to this stage and now's the chance for you to get involved in this great venture. So have a look at our fundraising campaigns on IndieGoGo and Kickstarter by clicking on the images on either side.
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Content Provided by the Community

WhatsUp provides a platform where communities can tell their stories via posts by members of the community. The communities can be geographic communities (e.g., Whoville) and communities of common interest (e.g., music, sports). Read More>>

Local Advertising

We think local organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit, are an important part of any community. Unfortunately, the means available to them (typically print and broadcast) to tell the the community about themselves are expensive and not that effective. Read More>>

Become a local Champion for your Community

Local champions are local representatives assigned to a geographic area. Their function would be to encourage contributions of all sorts, including stories and paid ads. Read More>>
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